Beginning in 2008, RUFFIANS started as an homage to alternative pioneers The Smiths and were named Rusholme Ruffians, from the Smiths song of the same name. As the tribute act-era wound down, the band chose an original path that took the band's other tastes into account. RUFFIANS' sound still reflects the Smiths influence, but bands as diverse as The Who, Blondie, King Crimson, Bad Religion, and Queen can be heard, among a countless list of others.

“…Unconventional time signatures, laser-sharp playing, killer lead vocals,
and a collective wallop that is as impressive as it is cohesive. “

- Daniel A. Brown, Void Magazine, 2019


Nicole Pascale
Vocals, Keyboards

Jay Stamper
Guitars, Vocals

Jon Lorimier
Percussion, Drums

Ernie Douglass
Bass, Vocals